Wash your car efficiently, environmental friendly and economicly

Fast, simple and thorough

Searching for a car wash in your area? Gabriëls-Power has the solution for you! High-pressure cleaners, foam brushes, hot wax: our self-car wash offers you high-quality cleaning agents so that your car, van, motorcycle, boat, caravan or bicycle shines like never before within 10 minutes. Drying is no longer necessary. We provide powerful vacuum cleaners for the interior of your vehicle.

Environmental friendly

Our self-service car wash is not only good for your car, it is also good for the environment. At home you quickly use twice as much water as at our car wash. At Gabriëls-Power, all waste water is thoroughly filtered. By the way, did you know that all laundry products we use are biodegradable?

Affordable Washing

Our Gabriëls-Power car washes are also affordable for all. Our tokens have a value of €1.00/piece, depending on the dimensions of your car you decide how many tokens you insert.

Order car wash tokens

Car wash tokens are available

Using our car wash tokens you can wash your car whenever you want. Moreover, using these tokens  easily keeps track of the washes of your staff.  You can find a token dispenser on all our locations.

Do you prefer to order tokens? Please contact our commercial department.


carwash locations

locations of our car washes:

  • Hofstade - Hekkestraat 41
  • Mere - Oudenaardsesteenweg 442
  • Erembodegem - Brusselbaan 290
  • Opwijk - Klei 203
  • Lebbeke - Brusselsesteenweg 223B
  • Oudenaarde - Wijnendaele 91
  • Gent - Afrikalaan 70
  • Deurne - Bisschoppenhoflaan 700
  • Aartselaar - Kontichsesteenweg 31
  • Mortsel - Vredebaan 79A
  • Oostende - Torhoutsesteenweg 658
  • Harelbeke - Gentsesteenweg 148
  • Luingne - Chaussee De Dottignies 187
  • Wielsbeke - Ooigemstraat 2
  • Wevelgem - Menenstraat 153
  • Sint-Pieters-Leeuw - Bergensesteenweg 308B