Buying petroleum type C at Gabriëls-Power

Gabriëls-Power only offers petroleum type C.

Type C has a much higher flash point than the other two types, types A and B. Your petroleum ignites much less quickly, making heating much safer and more environmentally friendly.

Petroleum has 2 different uses. You can read what petroleum can be used for below.

Combustion agent

You can use petroleum type C as a combustion agent for your petroleum stoves and cooking fires. The fuel provides clean combustion, with almost no harmful emissions. Especially for rooms that are not equipped with central heating as standard, petroleum is a cheap, energy-efficient alternative. This way you can easily and quickly heat your garage, attic, shed or workshop.


You can also buy petroleum as an additive to heating oil (gas oil heating). By adding (blending) petroleum to your fuel oil (gas oil heating), you prevent your above-ground tank or pipes from freezing. Petroleum also provides clean combustion in heating oil stoves. You can buy petroleum online using the contact form. Gabriëls-Power delivers your order to your home, your company or petrol station.

Petroleum type C at a gasstation

Find a gasstation offering Petroleum type C near you:

Gabriëls Hofstade
Hekkestraat 41, 9308 Hofstade
Gabriëls Luingne
Chaussee De Dottignies 187, 7700 Mouscron
Gabriëls Harelbeke II
Gentsesteenweg 148, 8530 Harelbeke
Gabriëls Wevelgem I
Kortrijkstraat 335, 8560 Wevelgem
Gabriëls Hertain
Chaussee De Lille 900, 7522 Hertain
Bouts Genk
Bergbeemdstraat 77, 3600 Genk
Bouts Hasselt
Scheepvaartkaai 15, 3500 Hasselt
Bouts Kermt
Koorstraat 49, 3510 Kermt
Q8 Kattenbos
Kattenbos 137, 3920 Lommel
Jacobs Tessenderlo
Neerstraat 111, 3980 Tessenderlo
Avia Couvin
Route Charlemagne 30, 5660 Couvin
Avia Ramillies
Chaussée de Namur 67, 1367 Ramillies