We help you on your way with your kilometer charge, for free!

One OBU (On Board Unit) for Europe (EETS) or only Belgium (Satellic)?
The choice is yours! We register your trucks, deliver and link your OBUs.
Gabriëls-Power offers you free support for everything!


Payment toll

You pay your toll by direct debit and Gabriëls-Power guarantees your payment.

Fleet invoice

Gabriëls-Power customers benefit from one fleet invoice:

  • per country
  • per service
  • and/or per region.

Manned service point

Gabriëls-Power has 2 manned service points where you can pick up or return OBUs during office hours, by appointment and where we help you out with all your questions.

  • Hofstade : Hekkestraat 41 – 9308 Hofstade
  • Wevelgem : Vlamingstraat 33 – 8560 Wevelgem

Liefkenshoektunnel Service

Passages through the Liefkenshoektunnel can be paid for with your OBUs via Gabriëls-Power. Making sure you enjoy the most favorable toll rate.

Free switch

You already have your OBUs? Discover our services and take advantage of our solutions for your routes in Belgium and/or Europe.
Gabriels-Power takes care of the switch for free!



Fixed connection

Both the Satellic and EETS OBUs can be permanently connected to the same cable, available from Gabriëls-Power or your truck dealer.

Interesting prices

You do not pay any commission for Belgium and the Liefkenshoektunnel. No deposit is required for the EETS OBUs.
Gabriëls-Power offers competitive conditions tailored to each customer!


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