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Good service starts with an extensive range. Fuel supplier Gabriëls-Power offers this in abundance. For example, you can refuel with or without service at more than 140 petrol stations throughout Flanders.

In our self-service car wash, your and your staff's cars will shine in no time.

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Your reliable fuel supplier

You can contact us for all types of heating oil, petroleum, petrol and diesel. You can even come to us for CNG and to charge your electric car! But Gabriëls-Power is more than a fuel supplier: we supply lubricants in all shapes and sizes, and we also have AdBlue in all types of packaging.

The highest quality

At fuel supplier Gabriëls-Power you can refuel pure and high-quality fuels. We carefully select reliable refineries to buy our gasoline and diesel. Quality is also guaranteed on the lubricants, greases and other products. We have a partnership with Q8 Oils for these products.


Small prices, high reductions

Fueling and heating isn't always cheap. Using the Gabriëls-Power fuel card you refuel smartly, you 'll receive extra service on top of our high discounts on the official petrol and diesel prices. For orders of fuel oil, Gabriëls-Power also offers you the best prices! Have a look at our discounts for fuel oil.

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Gabriëls-Power fuel card : one card, loads of benefits

Since the 1990s, Gabriëls-Power has grown into a network of more than 140 petrol stations. Using the Gabriëls-Power fuel card you can refuel your car in over 400 stations throughout Belgium, because it also allows you to refuel at our partner networks. Cheap refueling in your area is therefore no longer a problem. Manned or unmanned, at Gabriëls-Power you will always refuel the best fuel at the best price.

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  • Free fuelcard for entrepreneurs and liberal professions: cheap and fast refueling at Gabriëls-Power and our partner networks!
  • The Gabriëls-Power fuel card is not only the easiest way to refuel at all Gabriëls-Power stations and our partner networks throughout Belgium, it is also the cheapest. You will receive a permanent discount on the official maximum fuel price.

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