Oil supplier Gabriëls-Power: reliable and flexible

Your heating plan is in good hands. We supply fuel oil in East and West Flanders, Hainaut and part of Flemish Brabant.

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Quality: always at the right price

Gabriëls-Power offers you two types of heating oil for your heating installation: gas oil heating or gas oil extra. The first is slightly cheaper, while the second burns cleaner and emits less CO₂. Most heating installations run perfectly on regular gas oil heating, but for more recent installations the second type is slightly better. Consult the installer or the producer of your heating installation to know which gas oil you should use.


Gabriëls-Power offers you quality, with heating oil that meets the Belgian and European standards NBN T52-716 (heating oil) and EN 590 (extra heating oil). Are you not sure which type of heating oil is best for your heating plan? You can always contact us with all your questions.



Joint purchasing and fuel savings service

At regular intervals, Gabriëls-Power delivers heating oil in bulk to customers living in the same region. Would you also like to benefit from this cheap heating oil option? Then take a look at our Joint Purchase service. Trusting your fuel supplier together is profitable for you, your region and the environment.

As a fuel supplier Gabriëls-Power also offers you the possibility to spread the total cost price in instalments of an amount that you determine yourself.

With our fuel savings service, you set aside a monthly amount . We deliver your heating oil and deduct the saved amount from the total price.

Our depot

From the refinery to you: our high-quality, low-cost fuels takes a long way. In order to guarantee quality, price, delivery and service, Gabriëls-Power remains behind the wheel during that entire journey. First we buy your fuels from high-quality and reliable suppliers. We transport the cargo with our tankers to our depot, which has a total capacity of 9 million litres.