Where can I charge my car with the charging card? Where can I find the locations?

You can use your charging card to charge your car at more than 50,000 charging stations throughout Europe. The locations can be found in the 'Gabriels Stationsfinder app' which you can download for free in the App-store or Google Play Store. Simply enter your postal code in the app's search function, or search for a charge point in your neighbourhood on the map.

Can I charge abroad with my charging card?

Absolutely! In the Benelux, most charge points are accessible with the Gabriëls-Power charging card. Outside of the Benelux, there is a standard range of charge points available throughout Europe. Would you like to have access to a larger network throughout Europe? For a modest annual contribution of 18€, you get access to a much larger network of charging stations.

How much does a charging card cost?

The charging card is free. There are no monthly or annual fees.

How do I use the charging card?

First connect your plug to the car and then scan the charging card at the charging station.

Can I use the charging card to refuel my hybrid car?

This is certainly possible. Choose a hybrid 2-in-1 charging card. With this card you can both refuel and charge. This hybrid card is free but only available to companies and the self-employed.

How do I pay for the charging sessions?

You receive a monthly invoice by e-mail with a detailed overview of your charging sessions. Payment is made via an automatic monthly direct debit.

How much does a charging session cost?

The price depends on the charging station. There are three types of costs that can be charged, depending on how the charging station is configured and where it is located: a start-up cost, a price per kWh and a price per hour

With a Gabriels charging card on a Gabriels charging station, you can see the price on the charging station's screen. This is clear and transparent, no extra costs are included.
With other networks, Gabriels does not set the sales price, it depends on what the operator charges Gabriels. We are also lobbying for them to post their prices more clearly.

Can I see if the charging station where I want to charge my car is available?

Yes, you can do this by filtering the app for available charging stations. The newest charging stations are connected live for this purpose. For some older models of charging stations this information is unfortunately not or not yet available.

Do you have slow (AC) and fast (DC) chargers?

With the charging card, you can charge your car at both AC and DC charging stations. In the app, you can filter the type of plug and thus find a charging station for fast (DC) or slower (AC) charging.

What is the difference between AC and DC charging?

The difference between AC charging and DC charging is where the AC power is converted, inside or outside the car. Unlike AC chargers, DC chargers have the converter inside the charger itself, which speeds up charging considerably.

Is there already a charging station at every Gabriëls-Power petrol station?

Unfortunately not yet. However, we are working on equipping our most important petrol stations with ultra-fast charging stations. Our objective is to have around thirty full-service stations operational at various strategic and easily accessible locations in Flanders by 2026. We will keep you informed via our social media and website.

How long does a charge take?

This depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • the total capacity of the battery
  • the current charge
  • the charging technology of your vehicle
  • the type of charging station and the type of charging cable
    • With an 11 kW AC charger, it takes 4 to 6 hours.
    • With a DC charger it takes 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Can I also have Gabriëls-Power install a charge point at my home?

Yes. For the installation of the charge points we have fixed partnerships, we are also CPO (Charge Point Operator). This means that we can manage your charge point at very attractive conditions. 
As a company, you can also make your charge point publicly available and charge the costs to third parties. Letting employees use their charging card at home is also possible. We take care of all the administration.

What should I do if my charge card doesn't work? What if it is stolen or lost?

Are you having problems with your charge card? Please send an e-mail to laadpas@gabriels.be or call 053 66 66 66 during office hours.

How do I protect my heating oil from freezing temperatures?

Gasoil Extra purchased during the winter months is already resistant to temperatures up to -20°C. Gasoil heating, on the other hand, needs to be protected, but only if the tank or pipes are above ground (subject to freezing temperatures).

You can choose to add an antifreeze additive (1%) or petroleum (20%) to your heating oil.

How can I pay the driver for my delivery?

You can pay on delivery preferably by bancontact, or cash, if you pay upon delivery, an extra discount will be granted.

Spread payments are not possible, but you can opt for our service "mazoutsparen": saving an amount every month, to pay for your next order.

How much should I order?

You choose the volume you want delivered, or you can have your tank filled completely.

Please state this clearly when you order, along with an estimate of the number of litres. Most fuel tanks have a level gauge or a dipstick.

I have ordered my heating oil and the prices have gone up. What price will I pay?

The price agreed upon at the time of ordering is always the price you pay, regardless of whether the price goes down or up in the meantime.

My fuel card is not accepted. What should I do?

This can have two causes: Either your card is worn out, or the reader in the payment terminal is dirty.  We always try to solve this problem by installing two payment terminals at our unmanned petrol stations.  You can use each terminal to activate any pump, so you don't have to move your car.  Should you encounter such problems, please let us know so that we can send a maintenance team to the site.


Gabriëls-Power is the cheapest fuel station, how come?

First and foremost, our service stations are fully automated, even the tank contents are monitored remotely via measuring probes. The supply is done by ourselves, from the refinery via our own ships and with our tankers with full loads to the petrol stations. Because we are brand free, we can always speculate on the best suppliers and prices and there are no additional costs. So you always get quality at the best price in the region.


I just tried to fill up without success. Can someone fill up on my account?

When you activate a pump and you use the wrong pistol, or there happens to be a defect on the pump, be sure to check the light above the pump. If it is extinguished, no one can refuel.

Just try again.

If you still encounter problems, feel free to contact us, we may be able to help you immediately.

I have forgotten the secret code of my card. Can I request a new code?

The code cannot be changed. Please keep your code in a safe place.

If you cannot find your code anywhere, please contact us. You will receive a new card with a secret code shortly.

Can I change my secret code?

The code of your Gabriëls-Power fuel card cannot be changed. Please remember your secret code well, but never keep it together with your card.

What is the cost of a fuel card?

The Gabriëls-Power fuel card is completely free of charge. There is no charge for the card itself, nor for the invoicing and administration. For example, if you do not refuel for two months, you will not receive an invoice for two months. This is one of the many advantages of the Gabriëls-Power fuel card.

How can I secure my fuel card?

Of course, your card is secured with a pin code that you will receive from us. Never write this down on your fuel card or keep it together. You can also opt for a product restriction so that, for example, you can only fill up with diesel. You can also set a maximum weekly or monthly amount for the fuel cards. In this way, you prevent abuse and minimise the risk of loss or theft if the code is known to the perpetrator. So never let yourself be distracted when entering your code; shoulder surfing is a well-known phenomenon when bank and fuel cards are stolen.


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